Day and night Blinds


Enjoy your home during day and night with these multi functional zebra blinds. At day time you can control the amount of light coming into your home. And at night you can enjoy your privacy by closing the blinds entirely. 

Roller Blinds


Roller  blinds are perfect for keeping the heat out and to gain more privacy. Reduce your energy bill by not having to use the air conditioning too much with these blinds. They can be pulled down to however far you like.

Vertical Blinds


Vertical blinds do what they are supposed to for an affordable price. They are a good solution for keeping your house cool. 

Venetian Blinds


With Venetian blinds, you protect yourself from the sun’s rays and curious glances from outside. A great option for a stunning look in your home that keeps it cool as well. Moreover, you can fine-tune your interior appropriately!

Perfect Fit Blinds


These blinds are very good for keeping the heat out of your home. Plus they look modern and stylish. They are easy to install, no screws in your window frame needed. And they are ideal for unusually-shaped windows.

Insect Screen

Interested in our insect screens or doors? We will come by your house for measurements and installation. So you can enjoy your insect screens hassle free.